Mortigi Tempo

Mortigi Tempo

Another reason not to buy NME

Their "coolest person in rock" is a smackhead.

What a shame, too. What could've/should've/would've been for someone who can write stuff as effortlessly as this with their side project.

posted by Tim Stevens | 11/27/2004 02:18:00 AM |

I'm a clueless tabloid journalist, get me a front page

On the front page of the Daily Star:
THE I'm A Celebrity gang are in for a high old time if they nibble the local plant life. Their jungle camp area boasts enough Aboriginal magic herbs to send the celebs - who include two ex-addicts - into the stratosphere faster than any illegal club drug. Aborigines have been tripping out for thousands of years to get themselves into a state called "Dream Time"

I can see it now: some Daily Star journalist from Notting Hill, whose entire knowledge of Aboriginal culture has come from repeated viewings of Crocodile Dundee, is given the task of writing something that resembles news only in that it is written in columns. There's no end to this sort of trash in any number of papers, but I thought this was particularly good (bad?) trash.

Fun Fact: The Daily Star has a circulation three times that of the Guardian. Go figure.

posted by Tim Stevens | 11/22/2004 02:06:00 AM |
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