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Mortigi Tempo

I wanna be the boy to warm your mother's heart

So Mr White has been charged with aggravated assault over his fight with Jason Stollsteimer. He could face up to a year in jail. It's not all bad, though. Apart from guaranteeing countless pages of NME coverage, there could be another positive side for Jack if he does go to jail. He will be able to utilise even crappier recording equipment than he already uses: answering machines.

Oh, and the accompanying photo of Jack is eerily Jack(o)-esque.

posted by Tim Stevens | 12/24/2003 02:06:00 AM |

Record Geek

Are you one? I'm guilty of more of these than I'm prepared to admit. 24 ways record geeks are different from other people:
Record Geeks: Know Interpol as the latest NYC musical export to successfully plumb the depths of the '80s post-punk scene.

Other People: Know Interpol as the people who'll show up at their front door if they burn a copy of a rented DVD.

Record Geeks: Regard the Flaming Lips as the innovative godfathers of indie rock.

Other People: Regard flaming lips as a symptom of sexually transmitted disease.

Record Geeks: Think Courtney Love is a wackjob.

Other People: Think Courtney Love is a wackjob.

posted by Tim Stevens | 12/14/2003 03:31:00 AM |

Obligatory Latham Post

'Mark Latham has crashed through', 'voters are thrilled to see the end of Crean', 'Labor are in their best position to win', and so on and on go the stories...

It might be true. But to claim so you’d have to ignore the fact that Crean had Labor in a better position (two-party preferred wise) at least three out of the past six polls. The Australian’s ‘analysis’ of the Newspoll has gone from one extreme to another - unreasonably skeptical of Crean’s election chances, to generous support for Latham based on one poll result (and not a particularly great result at that). This is not to say I particularly liked Crean or dislike Latham, just that the Oz’s blurb is bollocks.

As for Latham himself, I’ve not heard enough to have a strong opinion. Is that so unreasonable? I find it interesting that most in the Ozplogdom are ready to put forward seemingly instant opinions on a man who has barely even begun to state his positions and, instead, has only made fairly vague statements about his ‘vision’. It would seem blogs are not the place for cautious, emerging views. I’m going to wait a while, thanks.

I do, however, agree with Mumble’s comments:
And "I love Australian larrikinism". Pass the bucket. Bob Hawke never had to use the word, he let his persona do the talking.

It's a bit like telling someone, "You're my mate." If you have to say so, you're not really.


Stew and Gareth think they are leaving. They’ll be back. A word of warning for those considering quitting: delete your blog or forget your password, otherwise it’ll be a sitting there waiting for you to make One Last Post.

posted by Tim Stevens | 12/10/2003 02:24:00 AM |
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