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My Top 10

I'm too slack, Scott has tallied the results already for his 10 most influential Australians of the twentieth century. Anyway, I'm still going to make my list. Some ideas for my list have been shamelessly stolen from Rob Schaap, Geoff Honnor and Ken Miles. My list in no particular order:

Alfred Deakin - hard to exclude this nation builder. Howard Florey - saved the lives of millions worldwide. Eddie Mabo - without him Australian would be a lot further away from doing away with a legal fiction. Germaine Greer - impact felt worldwide, not just in Australia. Stevie Wright - Rob's idea - I wanted to add a musician and couldn't think anyone more appropriate (this gives me the idea to do a most influential Australian musicians list at some point in the future). The Post-War Migrant - Geoff's idea and a great one. Donald Bradman - wouldn't have added him in a list of favourites, but his influence can't be ignored. Rupert Murdoch - influential he is. John Simpson Kirkpatrick - the mythology he helped create is greater than his actual actions, but definitely deserving of a spot on any list. The last spot could go to any number of people - I'll leave it open...

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OzBlog birth

Congratulations to Gianna!

posted by Tim Stevens | 8/28/2003 10:25:00 PM |

Oh no...

Wesley Willis dies. (I'm only a few days late with this story. Not bad by my standards.)

posted by Tim Stevens | 8/24/2003 10:44:00 PM |


Flu + Study + Work = No blogging.

Posting shall some point in the future. Cold and Flu tablets are the greatest.

posted by Tim Stevens | 8/18/2003 08:01:00 PM |

The yobbo's days are numbered

Janet Albrechtsen doesn't like the Metrosexual Man:
Will someone please stop the sexual revolution? I want to get off. It was fun at first... Now, like the last, excessive days of Caligula's Rome, things are going awry. The feminist-driven gender quake unearthed a topsy-turvy legacy. He's called Metrosexual Man, a sweet-smelling bloke with manicured nails and beautiful clothes with too much product in his hair. A self-proclaimed vigorous heterosexual who is proud of his feminine side, he is feminism's Frankenstein, a sexual quisling.

I'm pretty sure I'm not a Metrosexual Man. Jeans, shirt and an old pair of Pumas is usually my standard - no sarongs, braided hair or nail varnish in sight. More importantly, I don't own oddly patterned long sleeved shirts with upturned collar and cuffs.

However, I'm all for the Metrosexual Man. May he prosper and multiply. Why? Basically because he is the antithesis of another more detestable variety of Australian male - the yobbo (not this Yobbo). Anything that weakens the yobbo's dominance of the Australian male can only be a good thing for Australian’s everywhere.

You know the yobbo. He’s everywhere. He is easily identified by his V8, mullet hairstyle, flannel and thongs. He usually has an appalling lack of personal hygiene. Oh, and he’s usually fiercely conservative. I don't buy into the romanticised image of the yobbo - the little battler - for a moment.

So go young Metrosexual Man, flourish and fill the cities, then spread to the yobbo's stronghold - the suburbs. Your faux hawk hair may one day outnumber the mullets. Your shirt with upturned collar and cuffs may one day outnumber the flannel. And your poncy white shoes may out number the thongs.

But then again, it’s really just about marketing.

posted by Tim Stevens | 8/07/2003 08:11:00 PM |

No kids, no marriage

John Howard opposes gay marriage:
"I'm opposed to changing the law in Australia to give them the same status as marriage that we all understand in our society," Mr Howard told a Darwin radio station during a tour of the Northern Territory capital today.

"That's not an expression of discrimination - it's just an expression that marriage as we understand it is one of the bedrock institutions of our society.

"It's very much about the raising of children ... and the continuation of our species."

I wonder when John Howard will announce his opposition to the marriage of infertile couples. Or, presuming Mr Howard has had a vasectomy, I wonder when he will be getting a divorce. Surely since he is no longer contributing to the continuation of our species there is no need for him to maintain his marriage. Seriously though, whatever reasons Howard may have for his opposition to gay marriage he should just say them, because I cannot believe his opposition would seriously be based on a belief that marriage should be restricted to heterosexual couples to allow the "continuation of our species."

The other issue is Peter Costello's slightly different take on the issue. As Rodney Croome points out:
I think there is a marked difference between the comments of the Prime Minister and the Treasurer. Peter Costello is at least willing to grant that there are long-term committed same sex relationships; the Prime Minister is taking a much more conservative, Big C conservative position on this issue, that's closer to that of the recent Papal statement that was issued from Rome.

Their comments sound pretty similar to me. It's just one avoids sending thinly veiled messages to bigots whereas the other does not.

posted by Tim Stevens | 8/05/2003 11:49:00 PM |
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